custom made jewellery

Venetia uses skills learned during the last decade to make, by hand, beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery. Her training commenced in 2004 with a four year, formal apprenticeship, including a Certificate III in Jewellery Trade with Distinction, completed in Canberra and Sydney and a two year Diploma in Gemmology, graduating in 2010. 

She can design and sketch out the piece, supply the diamonds or gemstones,and hand make it  within a period of 4 - 8 weeks depending on complexity and workload.

the process

  • Schedule your free, 1 hour, Design Consultation using the online booking system.
  • Bring any gemstones or old jewellery you want to use and any pictures you have for inspiration.
  • You and Venetia sit and design a piece you love. It doesn't matter if you have no idea what you want. Venetia will guide you through the whole process. She will show you a collection of diamonds and gemstones.
  • Venetia will provide a written quote detailing price and time frame.
  • To go ahead, a 30% deposit is required.
  • If you have requested gemstones to be sourced, you will have a viewing to ensure you love them.
  • Venetia will then commence making the piece and will provide you with progress photos and/or videos to keep you updated. 
  • When made, you will have a fitting or viewing of the piece before the gemstones go in. This is the time to check the finger size and confirm the piece is how you envisioned it. Venetia's only concern is that you are completely happy with the design.
  • Once you have approved the piece, the next stage is setting, this is when the gemstones are put into the piece by a professional setter. This part of the process can take up to two weeks. 
  • The piece then has a final clean and polish and is ready for you to collect.
  • Your new piece of jewellery will come with a Certificate of Manufacture or Independent Valuation and complimentary annual maintenance checks.


Price Guide

I will just start by saying there is no upper limit when it comes to jewellery and I can source practically anything you can imagine. High quality emeralds and rubies, pink diamonds and South Sea pearls to say the least. When having a piece of jewellery custom made the variables are so great it is hard to give you a ballpark figure in this setting so please be sure to contact me for a customised quote.

However, I will do my best to give you a rough idea of what you could expect to pay if you come to me.  For a piece of jewellery made from entirely new 18ct gold or platinum where I have supplied a number of large diamonds or gemstones you can expect to pay a minimum of $10,000. If you provide the gemstones then you may be looking at around $2500 for the labour, setting and metal charges. If you are looking at a piece with no gemstones then the price may be around $1500.

Most people have an accumulation of gold which can be credited against the price of the commission for, on average, around $100-$300.

As I said, there is a huge ballpark with many variables like, value of the Australian dollar, the price of gold, the gram weight, number of gemstones, size and quality of the gemstones, amount of scrap gold you have and so on. So I encourage you to seek a customised quote for your dream ring.

Schedule your design consultation with Venetia to discuss having your jewellery custom made.