Venetia Major - Bespoke Jewellery provides two types of engraving services. Traditional hand engraving, carried out by a Master Hand Engraver, for really special pieces which can feature floral decoration, family crests, initials and wedding ring messages. The other type is known as Diamond Drag engraving and can be used for short messages and dates on the inside of rings. Below is a sample of the beautiful hand engraving carried out by Master Engravers from around Australia.

Traditional hand engraving

  • Traditional hand engraving is carried out by a master hand engraver in Adelaide.
  • Time frame can be 2-3 weeks, on top of manufacturing time.
  • From $280 for initials or family crests, from $1000 for a whole florid wedding band. 
  • Exact engraving is left somewhat up to the engraver's choice. We trust that it will be amazing.


inside ring engraving

  • Carried out on site, time frame is 2-3 days.
  • Two styles to chose from with samples available.
  • From $40 for a special message and date.
  • Only parallel rings may be engraved this way. Wavy rings would need to be engraved by hand.


Laser Fingerprints

  • You and your partners fingerprints can be laser inscribed on the inside of your new wedding bands.
  • $140 each on new rings purchased from Venetia Major - Bespoke Jewellery.


Once your piece is complete you may want to consider having your jewellery appraised, click below to find out more