Jewellery Insurance

Venetia Major - Bespoke Jewellery offers an in house jewellery insurance alternative. Underwritten by QBE, The Valuation Centre of Australia has a very thorough jewellery insurance policy which covers jewellery against loss, theft and damage anywhere in the world. Sign-up is easy to establish and your jewellery can be insured before you leave, giving you piece of mind that if your jewellery gets lost, stolen or damaged anywhere in the world, Venetia Major - Bespoke Jewellery will be the jeweller who repairs or replaces the item.


  • Jewellery Insurance through Venetia Major - Bespoke Jewellery means simple, peace of mind.
  • Cover against loss, theft and damage any where in the world.
  • Any claim is processed quickly and easily with Venetia. From admin to manufacture, you only have to talk to one person
  • No need to go through the headache of getting multiple insurance replacement quotes as everything is settled directly through Venetia Major - Bespoke Jewellery.
  • Insured for an Agreed Value as soon as you sign the document.
  • Valuation certificate update annually.


To arrange insurance for your precious articles schedule an insurance consultation today.