Silversmithing Course Now 8 Weeks

We've now run through three silversithing courses with five students (one student having done two courses) and I've had some great feedback from the students and as such I have made some changes and improvements to the course structure.

The silversmithing course is now 8 weeks long, a total of 25 hours, that's only $36.80 per hour! Students have been very ambitious with their project choices and, as such, need more time to complete their pieces. To see the new course schedule, click here.

This extended course time frame allows for the introduction of mini practice projects! Students will have the opportunity to get a feel for the basic techniques involved before diving into their own projects. The mini projects will focus on saw piercing, soldering and filing. 

We've had a great time so far and I've been really impressed with the student's imagination in their project choices and their willingness to try new things and push themselves to be more creative. 

Below are some photos of what the students have been up to.