Venetia Major - Tutor

Venetia Major - Tutor


These courses are tailored to your ability and no prior experience is needed to begin. The courses run in four week blocks and are designed for simple projects not containing any gemstones. For more ambitious or complicated designs that include gemstones, Venetia recommends allowing eight weeks to complete your piece. Students are welcome to complete their projects in gold if they prefer. 

Planning & Intro Session

At least one week prior to your first class you will have a Planning & Intro Session.  You will have the opportunity to come in to the studio, meet Venetia & Kelsey, have a quick guided tour of the workshop and the tools and then sit down with Venetia and design your project. You can make any type of jewellery - earrings, rings, bangles, pendants etc but don't worry if you are unsure about what to make, Venetia will guide you through project ideas that will be achievable for your skill level and selected time frame. This meeting is to help Venetia confirm your design and materials and to help you feel comfortable in the space when you begin your course. 

The Classes

The first component of each new course is the safety demonstration, including things like fire safety and first aid . Venetia goes through each piece of machinery and talks about the safety aspects of its use. 

Next, you will have the opportunity to complete a mini practice project, of Venetia's design, to give you a feel for some of the basic techniques used throughout the course. During the subsequent classes you will be guided through your own project, step by step and the class size is limited to 4 students to ensure excellent attention to detail.  The techniques you will use include rolling out the metal, bending, stamping, hallmarking, soldering, drilling, hammering, filing, emerying, and polishing. Provided for you is approximately 10 grams of sterling silver for your main project, a brass practice project, tea, coffee and water, your safety equipment including apron, dust mask and safety goggles and all consumable tools like saw blades, emery paper and drill bits etc.

To bring

You will need to bring pictures, sketches, ideas and inspiration for your project to the planning session and to the classes you will need to have covered feet and your hair tied up in a bun.    

Price & Duration:

  • $495 for 4 weeks (4 x 2.5 hour classes + 45 minute Planning & Intro Session),  
  • Buy two and save 5% - $940
  • Extra single classes as necessary - $120

Your teacher:

Venetia Major is a trade qualified jeweller and gemmologist and has been repairing and making jewellery since 2004. She is a full time manufacturing jeweller working from her fully equipped studio in Charnwood, Canberra. She started teaching silversmithing classes in February 2017 and expanded her capacity soon after that when the classes proved popular. 

It’s just so joyful to see the delight on the student’s face when their piece is finished and looks fantastic! They are so pleased with themselves and you can see their confidence grow.
— Venetia Major

2018 Course Schedule

saturday mornings 9 - 11:30 am

  • 3rd - 24th February - FULL
  • 10th March - 7th April * Skipping 31st March - FULL
  • 21st April - 12th May - FULL
  • 26th May - 23rd June *Skipping 9th June - ONLY 1 SPOT LEFT
  • 7th - 28th July
  • 1st - 22nd Sept
  • 6th - 27th October

thursday evenings, 6 - 8:30 pm

  • 1st - 22nd February - FULL
  • 8th - 29th March - FULL
  • 12th April - 3rd May - FULL
  • 17th May - 7th June - FULL
  • 5th - 26th July
  • 30th August - 20th Sept
  • 4th - 25th Oct


Terms & conditions:

  • The purchase of a 4 week course acts as a pass to 4 classes. They don't have to be consecutive. If you get sick or can't make it, you are most welcome to join another class if there are vacancies. 
  • Payment must be made within 7 days of receiving your invoice. If the invoice is not paid by the due date your place will be reopened to the public. 
  • If the course does not meet the minimum number of students, it is up to Venetia's discretion as to whether she cancels the course or not. If this occurs your booking will be transferred to the next scheduled course.
  • The student's safety is paramount and all safety and training procedures are followed.
  • Bookings can be cancelled. A cancellation fee of $100 applies. 
  • Bad language and/or bad attitude is not acceptable. Venetia reserves the right to remove students from the course at any time. The removed student will receive a pro rata refund.
  • By enrolling in a course you agree to these terms and conditions.  

Photo by mammuth/iStock / Getty Images

Pearl Stringing

Come and enjoy a relaxed afternoon with a cup of tea and learn how to restring mum's old pearls that have been sitting in the jewellery box for years.

If you don't have your own strand you can select from a range of pearls and beads available at the class. You will have the opportunity to learn simple beading techniques to professional knotted pearl threading.

The class will have a maximum of 6 students and a minimum of 3.

Books, accessories, materials and tools will be available to purchase for you to take home for your next project.

Price & Duration:

The class is two hours long and the price is $125 which will include the materials used on the day (excluding the strand).

    Give & Take

    Bring a strand of beads or pearls you would like to work on, if you don't have your own you can buy one during the lesson. You will go home having learned a new skill which you can use for your other projects. You will have a completed necklace or bracelet to show off to your friends and you will receive a simple reference guide to take home. There will also be tools and accessories available to purchase.


    •  Express your interest!

    Please read the Terms & Conditions at the bottom of the page before booking.

    Photo by JudithKimbrell/iStock / Getty Images


    Cosplay, Samba, bikini competitions!

    Come and learn how to build your own costume frames. Wings, head dresses, arm cuffs, bras all need secure, comfortable and reliable framing. If you have a costume design in mind but not sure how to create the structure, come to a class to learn the techniques and skills required to make your own costume frames.

    You will learn how to shape, brace and solder the frame and then prepare the frame for the decorations.  We will not be covering the decoration aspect, only assembling the frame ready for decorating at home.

    The class will have a maximum of 3 students and a minimum of 1.

    Cost & Duration

    The class will be approximately three hours long and cost $300 which will include materials used on the day.

    Give & Take:

    You will need a comprehensive design plan with sketches and dimensions. I will need to be emailed the plans at least one week prior to class to ensure I have all the materials we will require. You will receive a new skill you can use for all your future costumes, a completed costume frame (unembellished), a list of tools and materials and where you can buy them from, a list of the health and safety requirements of working with these materials.

    Please note: The above image is an example of what could be made, it was not made by Venetia or her students. Image is used under license.

     class schedule

    Express your interest by sending me a contact form and let me know when your comp or event is and I will schedule a class to suit.

    Please read the Terms & Conditions at the bottom of the page before booking.


      Terms & conditions for all classes:

      • Each class must reach its minimum number of students in order to go ahead. If the course does not meet the minimum it will be cancelled and your booking will be transferred to the next scheduled class.
      • Class dates are flexible and changes are allowed by arrangement for both parties.
      • The session date you book for the silversmithing classes represents the first day of your course. The planning session will be arranged separately prior to this date.
      • The student's safety is paramount and all safety and training procedures are followed.
      • If a student is unable to make a class, a makeup session will be arranged, according to availability, if you give Venetia one weeks notice.
      • Bookings can be cancelled. A cancellation fee of 50% applies if cancelled within one week of commencement date.

      If you have any questions about the classes please don’t hesitate to call on 0420 636 224. I will be more than happy to discuss your enquiry.
      — Venetia Major