Diamonds & Gemstones

It may be a stunning diamond for your future fiancée or a replacement coloured gemstone that must perfectly match the others in colour and cut. Venetia has a range of diamonds and gemstones for you to view and if the one you want is not there she has a selection of prestige diamonds and gem merchants she can call upon for special gemstones. Venetia highly recommends purchasing your gemstone from a reputable jeweller who will guarantee the stone is genuine. This way you support the independent Aussie jewellery industry.

Picking your new gem

  • Schedule your free, one hour Design Consultation at a time that suits you.
  • Come and view Venetia's wide range of exceptional quality diamonds and coloured gemstones.
  • The range includes pink and orange diamonds, colourless diamonds, pink, yellow and blue sapphires, pink and green tourmalines, solid opals, rhodolite, hessonite and almandine garnets and many more.
  • If you do not fall in love with a gemstone on hand, Venetia will source a special selection for you to chose from, obligation free, over night.
  • Once you have selected your gemstone we begin the design phase. 


replacing lost stones

  • It's very sad when a beloved piece of jewellery, often quite old, has lost one of its gemstones and finding a replacement can be a challenge.
  • It's not just the type that has to match, it's the exact size, the exact colour and the style of cut, whether it be round brilliant cut, rose cut or any other shape.
  • Venetia has access to Australia's best diamond and gemstone merchants and will go out of her way to find you a perfectly matching gemstone.


To find your perfect gemstone, schedule your consultation today!