Jewellery Repairs

Like anything, jewellery is effected by general wear and tear. Moving parts are the most susceptible to breakages because the metal wears away over time. Jewellery should be given a thorough check by a jeweller on an annual basis to maintain the integrity of the piece. Most jewellers won't charge you to assess a piece.

Jewellery can more often than not be repaired due to the advancements in technology jewellers have access to today. Venetia can repair jewellery using traditional soldering techniques used for things like chains and clasps or she can have the piece repaired by a laser welder. Laser welding creates no heat and therefore heat sensitive gemstones can be repaired without being removed from their setting, protecting the piece from unnecessary damage.

typical repairs


  • Resize rings, up or down in size from $40 - $160
  • Repair broken chains and bracelets from $25
  • Repair costume jewellery from $40
  • Re-tip or re-claw settings from $80
  • Rhodium plating from $45, includes clean and polish
  • Solder charms from $25
  • Supply and fit missing stones from $10 for marcasites and foil backs.
  • Supply and fit findings like new clasps and earring hooks from $45
  • Emery and polish brass army buckles from $295
  • Repair brooch pins from $22
  • Shorten watch bands from $22
  • Supply and fit new watch pins and lugs from $12
  • Pearl and bead restringing from $65


Each jewellery repair is unique, schedule your Repair Consultation now for a tailored quote